Grande Dame

There’s a bold new world in fashion. Savvy retailers know the power of Plus Size apparel and with over 70% of the population wearing Plus Sizes, great numbers of apparel are moved through this category. Greneker’s Grande Dame Plus Size mannequin and form collection, give visual merchandisers the tools to present contemporary Plus Size styles at their very best. Plus Sized split waist fashion mannequins, feature sizes 10/12 and 14/16 in seven bodies with nine arm options. Mannequins available with and without heads and realistic feet with 2 inch heel height, or abstract shoe foot. Magnetic arm fittings makes for easy set-up and dressing, with multiple arm positions and two hand options (realistic or paddle hands). Complimentary 3/4 forms, Torsos, Bra and Panty forms fill our our Plus Size offerings and offer presentation variety

For almost a century Greneker mannequins have been a visual merchandising display staple for fashion, and sports apparel retailers. Proprietary polycomposite construction gives Greneker mannequins superior durability and long lasting beauty. Fashions change over time, but Greneker mannequins have always and continue to sell clothing of the legendary retail brands.


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