Our namesake Lillian Greneker was a pioneer in creating mannequins for modern day retail fashion presentation. Greneker continues that tradition by being a leader in creating exciting mannequins for fashion and apparel visual merchandising. Contempo male fashion mannequins compliment styles ranging from elegant, to trendy, to casual. Six available arms positions add to this mannequin’s versatility and help display and present the proper attitude. Abstract head and feet frame the presentation without distraction. One piece mannequin body with magnetic arm fittings and detachable hands make for easy dressing. This male mannequin comes complete with an 18 inch round tempered glass base and premium metal ankle rod.

For almost a century Greneker mannequins have been a merchandising visual display staple of fashion and sports apparel retailers. Proprietary poly-composite construction gives Greneker mannequins superior durability and long lasting beauty. Fashions change over time, but Greneker mannequins have always worn the clothing of the legendary retail brands.

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