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The Three Graces
Greneker Custom-Build
Caesar’s Place, Las Vegas

In the beginning, Creative.

Inspiration sparks Creative.

Creative drives visualization, design and 3-dimensional fabrication. And from your wildest dreams and imagination comes spectacular revelations.

SYFY Channel Booth
Greneker Custom-Build
Various Trade Shows


We speak many diverse languages.
This diverse culture allows us to better understand you and helps insures faithful, efficient and accurate translation-fabrication of your creations.
•3D-Printing •Adobe •CAD •Conceptual sketches •Design •Engineering •zbrush and Rhino

From Concept to Reality. Greneker Custom-Build delivers.

Material Considerations.

Full capabilities. Multiple Materials.

We offer full capabilities in multitude of materials, giving your more directions and options.

•Composites and Resins •Fabric •Fiberglass • Metal •Paint •Wood

West Marine Store-in-Store
Greneker Custom-Build
West Marine Stores

Outside Collaborations

Access to a Number of Collaborators.

Sometimes you have a special component vendor or your project requires special expertise. Based in southern California, we have connections to a vast number of collaborators, from the movie industry, high performance engineering, the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, and more!

Lexus Dealer Introduction
Greneker Custom-Build


We Know that Price is a Design Consideration.

We have many paths and processes that can be used to complete your project. Having these gives us options to help define and price your project within your specifications.

Ben and Jerry’s Store Front Display
Greneker Custom-Build

Management Coordination.

We Have Strong Project Management.

You come to us to not only build your project, but to manage the process too. We get that! We give each project a unique project manager who serves as your single point of communication for all that we do. This makes it a lot easier for you.

Robbins Bros Store Signage
Greneker Custom-Build

How can we help you today?

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