For in-store display and the selling of contemporary women’s fashions, Greneker’s Flair line of premium female mannequins and display forms is a proven product mover. Delicately slim, abstract headless bodies present apparel with eye catching excitement. Optional arm poses with magnetic fittings for ease of dressing and optional magnetic head attachment offer ongoing display variety. Detachable heel on foot allows Flair mannequins to wear shoes to compliment their outfits. The Trumpet style base on Flair forms expand and accent all display options and provide a great alternative the the basic dressmaker form.

Greneker mannequins and forms are found in fashion retail store around the globe. Greneker mannequins have been a staple of visual merchandising displays for almost a century. Fashions change over time, but Greneker mannequins have always worn the clothing of the world’s legendary retail brands.


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