Sustainability Initiatives

Innovations in Product.

For more than seven decades Greneker has served the visual merchandising specialist of retailing by providing innovative designs, materials, and programs. In the 30’s we pioneered cellophane and paper mache. We adapted fiberglass and poly-composite materials from the aerospace industry when it was young. Now our new sustainable, recyclable GREN-S Soy mannequin and form material and Grenite-R, our recycled solid surface material, brings true products to our clients and partners.

GREN-S Soy, our best green product. Eco-fashionable, eco-friendly.
Built from proprietary technology featuring the sustainable soy-bean.*
*Not recommended for exterior use with a heat index of over 130°.

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Polyethylene, our better green product built from a material that delivers superior value. Polyethylene offers our lightest weight and greatest ease of use. High impact resistance gives these products a long service life.

Innovations In-House.

Greneker is continuously working to improve our eco-footprint. From simple recycling to conscientious energy management, we try to choose the right path for our company whenever we can.

Innovations in Packing.

Our eco-responsibility extends into our product packing. Because it isn’t right to simply ship our green mannequins and forms in containers that will pollute somewhere else.